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Fall 2012 : Class : Printmaking: Monotypes: Dymphna de Wild

This class is suitable for both experienced printmakers as well as beginners.  Different monotype techniques will be demonstrated and practiced, including transfers, stencils, and contact drawing.  Participants can work around a theme or explore still life, abstract, and figurative imagery.

Fall 2012 : Class : Still Life Painting: Jeffery Stockberger

Explore the concept of indirect painting. Working from the still life, students will concentrate on developing a painting’s composition and color palette by responding to and building on marks made on the canvas. Through group and individual critiques, you will work on establishing good painting habits and technique.

Fall 2012 : Class : Painting Manet’s Flowers: Cleveland Morris

Manet’s last paintings comprise twenty floral still-lifes, which astonish us with their freshness, freedom, simplicity, and clarity of form.  Direct observation of nature, combined with an unaffected painting technique, enabled the artist to create some of the world’s most admired flower paintings.  In this class, we will study several of these paintings, analyze Manet’s technique, and seek to emulate his alla prima style in our own oil paintings.  We will work with silk and fresh flowers, employing the modest format that Manet used in these works.

Fall 2012 : Class : Vitreous Enamel Wall Pieces: Janly Jaggard

This series of classes is suitable for absolute beginners or more advanced practitioners.  The classes will focus on etching the copper plate with design motifs based on plans and drawings.  The enamel process will explore ways to enhance the etched surface.  The end of the course will deal with the complex issues of presentation and mounting the work.

Fall 2012 : Class : Printmaking: Embellished Monotype: Marsha Heatwole

Marsha will begin this class with discussion of basic composition using the thumbnail sketch, then work that idea into the monotype using oil base ink.  Three impressions will be created, which will then be embellished using chalk pastel, watercolor and colored pencils.  The class will include demonstrations and helpful hints by the instructor to illustrate each portion of the process.

Fall 2012 : Class : Beginning & Intermediate Drawing & Painting: Janly Jaggard

This class is both for students just starting their art journey and those continuing to build skill and experience using their medium of choice.  Beginners are encouraged to start with basic drawing skills including measuring, use of tonal value, perspective and proportion based on observational drawing.  Later, color is introduced to those who wish to start painting.  Some students with more experience and a specific interest are given insight for working towards abstraction with some reference to the Principles of Design.  Individual instruction is the standard, with a sense of achievement as the goal.

Fall 2012 : Class : Exploration and Process: Robert Stuart

Participants bring new work for group criticism led by the instructor.  The goal: growth as an artist through risk-taking and exploration – the creative process – and a deepening discernment of challenges, strengths and direction in one’s work.  Topics for discussion will also include: museum exhibitions; selective gallery shows; reviews; art now and in the past.  Attending certain exhibitions within our region will be strongly recommended.

Fall 2012 : Class : Monday Mornings on Beverley Street: Mary T. Echols

Join a great group of fellow BSSS members in looking at and discussing art and how it works.  Whether or not you have a wealth of art knowledge, or think that you like art or not, through the sharing of ideas and discussions, you will find enjoyment and beauty in art more than you ever thought before.  Slides and discussion.

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