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Fall 2016 : Class : Art as Exploration: Critique Class: Robert Stuart

Participants bring their work in any media for constructive review. The goal is growth as an artist through a deepening discernment of strengths and challenges in one’s work. Artistic development will also be supported with the study of current art exhibitions and topics in contemporary art. Exhibition catalogs, articles on art, and pertinent visual material will be presented and discussed at the beginning of class. The remaining time will be equally divided among participants to present and discuss their work.

Fall 2016 : Class : Indirect Painting: Jeffery Stockberger

Explore the concept of indirect painting; developing an image and resolving problems through multiple layers of paint. Working from still life, students will concentrate on developing a painting’s composition and color palette by responding to and building on marks made on the canvas. Through group and individual critiques, you will work on establishing good oil painting habits and techniques. Students may work in other painting materials with the permission of instructor.

Fall 2016 : Class : Fundamentals of 2D and 3D Design: Amy Ransom Arnold

Join us as we explore the foundations of design: the dynamics between visual organization, content, form, and creative problem solving. We will focus on exploring, understanding, and utilizing design process, elements, and principles through a series of exercises and directed problem solving. Materials used will vary, including pencil, paint, modeling clay, ink, paper, scissors, light weight board, glue, etc. This class will challenge and strengthen the visual and spatial skills of both the beginner and intermediate student. We will also explore how ideas about design can be applied to help move your personal creative work forward.

Fall 2016 : Class : Theory and Practice of Drawing and Painting: Ron Boehmer

Course emphasis is on personal development of skills; understanding of both specific and universal concepts related to painting and to art; further development of technical command of paint. Instruction includes focus on representational, abstract, and expressionistic modalities of painting. Class will meet outdoors when possible to focus on plein air painting processes. Students may work in any painting or drawing medium. Ideal for intermediate and advanced level students. Course is open to “beginners” upon prior approval of the instructor. Beginners must contact Ron at 434-528-4795 before enrolling to discuss the class and obtain a personal supply list.

Fall 2016 : Class : Start or Grow: Beginner and Intermediate Drawing and Painting Session I: Janly Jaggard

If you have always wanted to draw or paint but never had the time or courage – the time is now! Janly is an experienced instructor who will show you the ropes, open doors and help you learn how to see and render the real world. If you are in the intermediate phase of working but want to develop personal style, Janly will guide you without imposing her style on you. Beginners will draw from observation and work towards painting if they wish. All students work with their medium of choice.

Fall 2016 : Class : Monday Mornings on Beverley Street: Mary T. Echols

Join a great group of fellow BSSS members in looking at and discussing art and how it works. Enjoy sharing ideas and information, while learning about the many forms of art – both past and present. Participants will cultivate an enhanced appreciation for art and an improved ability to express artistic opinions. For all levels of education and experience.

Fall 2016 : Workshop : Watercolor Essentials for Plein Air Painting: Stewart White

Baltimore watercolorist and Queen City Plein Air Festival invitee Stewart White’s experience as architectural illustrator and plein air painter shapes his approach to art and teaching. Topics covered include strengths and weaknesses of watercolor in plein air, an overview of materials, and demonstrations of various techniques for washes, wet-in-wet color mixing, glazing, edges, blending and experimentation. Students will “put it all together” while painting in nature. Printed handouts will include content information, bibliography and helpful resources. Stewart was featured in the August 2012 edition of Watercolor Artist magazine.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Review and Feedback: An Open Critique: Al Gury

Al Gury is chair of the Painting Department at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He has received numerous grants and awards for painting and arts education, and was designated a master teacher by both the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as American Artist Magazine. Al will lead a group discussion and critique of student work. Participants are invited to bring two or three pieces of their artwork for review and feedback. All levels of experience are welcome.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Color for Painters: Traditions and Practice: Al Gury

A whole color course will be packed into three days of fun and information with lecture, demonstrations, painting exercises and show & tell. Topics include: history and theories of color in painting; palettes and materials; styles and methods of color in painting; how to identify color mixtures in your subject; and myths, mysteries and prejudices in color practice. Bring materials for note-taking plus your usual painting supplies (oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastel welcome). A suggested materials list is available, with some materials available to borrow if needed.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Painting Animals with Confidence: Nancy Bass

Animals have been an inspiration for artists throughout history. This workshop will concentrate on how to bring animals to life with oil paints using color, light, and composition. We will be working with photographs, so bring several good photos of your animals or wildlife. During this intensive course, students will receive one-on-one instruction and insight into the techniques needed to master the art of the animal. Returning students will continue in advanced techniques of color and form in painting animals.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Travel Sketching, Painting and Photography: Finding the Motif: Linda Carey

Bill and Linda will talk on Friday about their travel painting practice, and how they have been affected by the landscape, architecture and art of Italy. Saturday morning will focus on travel sketching and painting using drawing mediums and gouache. Topics include: practical tips on materials and equipment; how to pictorialize and respond intuitively to the motif; how to keep intrusive gawkers away while you are working. The afternoon will cover how to take successful photographs and use them as a resource for paintings. Discussions will be on composition, awareness of light, keeping the image alive and avoiding the many pitfalls of working from photos. Open to all students, though some drawing and color experience is very useful.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Painting with Heat: Encaustics Techniques and Possibilities: Christine Rooney

Learn the ancient way of painting with molten beeswax, pine resin and pigments. This method of painting was used by the early Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures. Paintings dating back to the 9th century BCE are still as luminous and fresh as if they were made last week. Encaustic has enjoyed a resurgence since the 1940’s when modern artists began to experiment with wax-based media. Discussion will cover traditional and contemporary images. Instructor will demonstrate safe handling of materials and share ideas for incorporating encaustic in mixed media work. Not suitable for students with a sensitivity to melted beeswax.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Painterly Techniques with Wool and Silk: Lisa Jacenich

Painting with fibers has been going on for thousands of years. Students will learn techniques from Turkey, Croatia, Mongolia and the U. K. for creating works of art in wool and silk. Practically anything you can do with a brush, you can do with fibers. The flexibility of this medium is what makes it so enjoyable – and changing your mind is easier with wool than with paint. Color blending and wet and dry felting techniques will be used to turn your visual images into spectacular felted wall hangings. Instructor will provide a luscious assortment of colors in wool, silk and pre-felt for canvas. Raw silk in various forms will be used to enhance and accent the designs. A supply list of common household items will be furnished upon registration.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Intaglio Etching with Copper: Jim Sconyers, Jr.

This course explores the magic of intaglio with an emphasis on safe practice. Students will etch and print copper plates using line etch, aquatint, dry point and chine-collé techniques. *Intaglio is the family of printing techniques in which the image is incised into a surface and the line or sunken area holds the ink. It is the direct opposite of a relief print. *Chine-collé is a special technique in which the image is transferred to a surface that is bonded to a heavier support in the printing process. The artist can print on a much more delicate surface such as Japanese paper or linen to pull finer details off the plate and add color behind the image to contrast with the surrounding background sheet. Students provide own gloves and drawing materials. *

Summer 2016 : Workshop : The Study: The Blueprint for a Better Painting: Elizabeth Geiger

This short workshop focuses on ways to use preparatory work to help approach a painting with more understanding and confidence, both in class and in one’s own painting practice. Various types of “studies” will be explained and discussed, and illustrated with Ms. Geiger’s own work, followed by hands on exploration in paint and drawing materials. Using a limited palette, participants will pursue study options in 4-tone black and white, 6-color or drawing for structure and shape. 

Summer 2016 : Class : Further Adventures in Drawing for Advanced Beginners: Cleveland Morris

This class is aimed toward those with some background in drawing basics, but who want to develop added confidence and proficiency. It is especially intended for those who enjoy drawing for its own sake. We will explore the expressive possibilities of charcoal, chalk, and Conté crayon. Each class meeting will focus on a single theme: still life, landscape, streetscape and figure. Those who have taken this class before should note that we will be working from a new selection of set-ups, models and sites. Throughout, we will review and reinforce sound technical practices and critical thinking.

Summer 2016 : Workshop : Art and Culture of Japan: An Introduction to Nara: Misa Kobayashi Stuart

Nara was the capital of Japan in the 8th century, and was the end of the Silk Road. In this UNESCO World Heritage site, imperial treasures from 8th c. Tang Dynasty China, Central Asia and Persia have survived for 1200 years, as well as early masterpieces of Buddhist sculpture and architecture. Misa, a native of Nara, will be your tour guide exploring history, culture, food, travel tips and more of this fascinating ancient capitol. A light Japanese meal will be served on Friday evening.

Spring 2016 : Workshop : Still Life Painting: The Poetry of Objects: Al Gury

Instructor will begin with an overview of the history of still life and the materials and practices of painters through the centuries, then will discuss palettes, color theory, and suggestions for how to weigh the aesthetic choices, color and compositional ideas presented by still life painting. A demonstration will be followed by painting sessions from still life on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. A critique will follow. There will be opportunities to ask and answer questions regarding painting in general, and still life in particular.

Spring 2016 : Workshop : Painting with Wax: An Introduction to Encaustics: Martha Saunders

This workshop will introduce the encaustic process. Students will learn to build translucent layers of color and use collage materials to create beeswax-based compositions on wood panels. There will be an emphasis on experimentation with this versatile medium: carving, embedding, fusing materials and applying color will all come into play. Not suitable for students with a sensitivity to melted beeswax.

Spring 2016 : Workshop : Finish the Unfinished!: Karen Rosasco

Resolving unfinished and “problem” artwork is the focus of this workshop for artists working in pastel, watercolor, acrylic or mixed media. Instructor will guide students toward solutions based on the elements of art: an interesting and creative use of composition, a command of the full range and linkage of values, and use of compatible color schemes. Bring in at least 6-8 unfinished pieces and some blank canvas, paper or panels (depending on your preference) plus your usual supplies, and leave with completed work and knowledge that will help you finish pieces on your own in the future. Instructor will provide both individual and group instruction.

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