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Fall 2013 : Class : Figrue Drawing: Jeffery Stockberger

This class will focus on mastering the nuances and complexities of the body’s representation in art while working from a live model. Through individual and group instruction, you will develop and improve composition, technique, and tonal development while concentrating on the human form as a means of expression.  Formal critiques will also be utilized to reinforce and establish good drawing habits.

Fall 2013 : Class : Still Life Painting: Jeffery Stockberger

Explore the concept of indirect painting. Working from still life, students will concentrate on developing a painting’s composition and color palette by responding to and building on marks made on the canvas. Through group and individual critiques, you will work on establishing good painting habits and techniques.

Fall 2013 : Class : Painting & Drawing: Plein Air: Ron Boehmer

Instruction focuses on development of personal skills and methods and process-related landscape and plein air painting. Students may work in any painting or drawing medium. Students should have at least basic previous experience in painting and/or drawing.

Fall 2013 : Class : How to See Color and Paint It:

In this course students will be engaged in specific value and color exercises designed to help them better understand what they observe when painting, how to mix color, and ultimately how to bring that color alive on the canvas. Designed for painters working in either oil or acrylic.

Fall 2013 : Class : Exploration and Process: Robert Stuart

Participants bring new work for group criticism led by the instructor. The goal: growth as an artist through risk-taking and exploration – the creative process – and a deepening discernment of challenges, strengths and direction in one’s work. Topics for discussion will also include: museum exhibitions; selective gallery shows; reviews; art now and in the past. Attending certain exhibitions within our region will be strongly recommended.

Fall 2013 : Class : Printmaking: All about Monotypes: Dymphna de Wild

This class is for everyone who is interested in making a print. Printmaking encompasses many different techniques and the focus will be on the monotype and solar plate etching techniques. Transfers, stencils, and collage techniques will also be part of the curriculum. Both experienced and beginning printmakers are welcome in this class.

Fall 2013 : Class : Monday Mornings on Beverley Street: Mary T. Echols

Join a great group of fellow BSSS members in looking at and discussing art and how it works.  Whether or not you have a wealth of art knowledge, or think that you like art or not, through the sharing of ideas and discussions, you will find enjoyment and beauty in art more than you ever thought before.  Slides and discussion.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Summertime, and the Watercolor is Easy: Peg Sheridan

Are you in town this week in August?  Why not take a little watercolor vacation right here in Staunton? Join Peg Sheridan in some fun summertime watercolor painting lessons. The mood will be relaxed, and the paint will flow!  Weather permitting, students will meet outdoors for a casual dinner on the patio (included) and a painting demonstration on Wednesday, then move into the studio for painting exercises.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Painting Animals with Confidence: Nancy Bass

Animals have been an inspiration for artists throughout history. This workshop will concentrate on how to bring animals to life with oil paints using color, light, and composition. Students will be working with photographs, so bring several good photos of your animals or wildlife. During this intensive course, students will receive one-on-one instruction and insight into the techniques needed to master the art of the animal.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : JUST ART Weekend Workshop for Teens: Janly Jaggard

Do you have a strong interest in Art? Are you hoping to go to the Visual Arts Governor’s School? Do you plan to go to college and need an art portfolio for admission? If your answer is Yes to ANY of these questions, this weekend workshop is for you!  You will work on projects that help you to understand and demonstrate basic principles of art – line, color, form, value, etc. – that make your personal creative flair even more successful.   Most of your work during this weekend will be based on observation – the only way to go before you learn to fly!  Bring basic supplies; other materials will be provided.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Celebrate Vitreous Enamel: Wall Pieces: Janly Jaggard

In celebration of the arrival of the new enamel kiln, instructor Janly Jaggard will offer a weekend workshop for beginner and experienced enamellers. Students will develop simple or complex designs and plans from which to learn or perfect ways of creating image. Powdered enamel is typically sifted onto the surface of the copper and fused at 1500F in just a few seconds. Subsequent layers of opaque or transparent color and pattern are built up as the piece develops. There will be demonstrations, discussion about design possibilities and how to “frame” completed work.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Glue, Paper, Scissors: Collage from “Found Paper” (Camp):

Explore the possibilities (and fun) of assembling “found” paper and objects into two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces. Students will be encouraged to create a variety of items, including wall art, decorative boxes, and jewelry.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Watercolor: Focusing on Plants (Camp):

Watercolor is the perfect medium for working on techniques such as brushwork, washes, texture and color mixing. It is also ideal for painting the subtleties of nature. Individual attention will be emphasized.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Mixed Media Exercises for Painters (Camp): Leslie Banta

Learn different mixed media techniques to enrich your paintings: collage, image transfer, stenciling and transparent layering. This class is perfect for painters interested in learning more about abstraction and who would like to gain mastery over some important mixed media tools.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Drawing for Everyone (Camp):

No matter what you’ve been told or taught, or even thought, you can draw! This class will prove it. You will learn three fundamental principles of drawing and discover how they can guide you into a world of creativity and insight. This basic course is for absolute beginners and for those whose skills have grown rusty through disuse. Our classroom atmosphere is stress-free, so forget your inhibitions and give it a try. You’ll soon be able to turn every day into a drawing adventure!

Summer 2013 : Workshop : The Figure in Time and Space: Jan Olsson

Everyone naturally identifies with the human subject depicted in drawings or paintings. The figure has a forceful presence, capable of symbolizing our inner thoughts and emotions. This workshop squarely addresses the question of composing with the figure in situ. Using photography, sketches, and more developed drawings and paintings, beginning and advanced artists are invited to find their unique voice through practice and experimentation. With a live clothed model posing both indoors and out in the community, each participant, working at their own level, will enhance their skills and learn new ones. All media are welcome and may be selected with help from the instructor.

Spring 2013 : Workshop : Composition Marathon: Elizabeth Geiger

Using several objects, painters will explore the possibilities of composition with small fast paintings while rearranging the objects – or themselves – in between.  Day one will focus on black and white, and day two will involve a limited palette.

Summer 2013 : Workshop : Better Results and More Fun with Plein Air Painting: Steve Doherty

Join the guy who was Editor-in-Chief of American Artist magazine for 31 years and now edits PleinAir magazine from his home in Waynesboro. Steve Doherty has been painting outdoors and teaching others for more than 30 years. This is a workshop for anyone who wants to know more about materials and techniques, hear gossip about famous plein air painters, gain insights about creating better paintings, and know how to get recognition for that work. Lecture on Friday. On Saturday Steve will invite workshop participants to meet in his home to review the workshop schedule and see his collection of paintings and prints, before heading outside to paint.

Spring 2013 : Workshop : Painting Outdoors: Richard Crozier

Early May offers ideal weather for a weekend painting excursion.  Students are welcome to use their medium of choice, painting the Staunton cityscape and nearby rural landscape with the guidance of instructor and UVA professor emeritus Richard Crozier.  There will be an opportunity for individual and group critiques.  Improve observational painting skills while working in plein air.

Spring 2013 : Workshop : Spark Creativity with a Mixed Media Approach: Pat Cook

Bring a stack of your unresolved or “failed” works on paper or canvas and used mixed media to take it in a different direction.  Students will use paint, collage and a variety of drawing materials to add, subtract, and modify their work.  This is a fun and positive way to strengthen your understanding of the principles of design and composition, and can help jump start the creative process.

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