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Summer 2016 : Workshop : Review and Feedback: An Open Critique: Al Gury

Al Gury is chair of the Painting Department at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He has received numerous grants and awards for painting and arts education, and was designated a master teacher by both the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as American Artist Magazine. Al will lead a group discussion and critique of student work. Participants are invited to bring two or three pieces of their artwork for review and feedback. All levels of experience are welcome.

Spring 2015 : Workshop : Landscape Studies with Pastel: Linda Carey

Pastel is an excellent medium for working quickly in the landscape because of its portability and ease of use. Doing a series of small studies, we will record sensations of color, texture, light and space with simple shapes and painterly mark-making. We will work with a limited palette of Nupastels, using a process of layering and optical color mixing to develop form, color and composition. The emphasis is on a direct, intuitive response to the motif. Previous plein air drawing or painting experience is useful but not necessary. Mostly we will be working en plein air, but part of the class will also be conducted in the classroom doing transcriptions of masterworks. Students may bring soft pastels in addition to the Nupastels.

Spring 2016 : Workshop : Open Critique with Bill White: Session II: Bill White

My critique process is about looking carefully at the art work and describing what we see. Many critiques assume that there’s a right answer which gets laid over the work as a template, but if we begin with describing what we see, we can discover the difference between the goal and results. By focusing on the work as it is, and the disjunction between desired outcome and what is on the canvas, this critique will help you make your work better and stronger. Each artist should bring 3-4 recent works with a list of questions they want to address about their work. My colleague Lewis Thompson said to a student who was in tears after hearing several different evaluations of her work, “It is your job to listen carefully to the critique feedback but it is most important to sort through them to see what helps you the most, then leave the rest alone.” I trust you will be a good listener, leave your ego at the door, and sort through the comments to find the ones that resonate the most to you. or

Spring 2016 : Class : Figure Drawing: Jeffery Stockberger

No description

Winter 2016 : Workshop : ake Painting to the Next Level!: Karen Blair

Every painter has strengths – for some it is a sense of color, for others good mark-making or composition. This workshop is designed for artists who want to move beyond their known strengths and comfortable painting habits, to push their work in new and exciting directions. Karen will lead exercises designed to “push” color and shape and improve ways of “seeing”, demonstrate various materials and methods including oil sticks, oil pastels and paint, and provide individual instruction and critiques. Discussion will include building a portfolio and presentation of work to galleries. Open to all painting media. 

Fall 2016 : Workshop : Introduction to Monotypes: Elizabeth J. Peak

With a limited number of supplies, artists can use monotype printing to explore and develop design ideas, as a base for other prints, or as a stand-alone work of art. Watercolor or water-based ink allow one to work on the image for days, while oil paints create a bold, assertive print that must be printed right away. Students will learn how to choose materials, prepare paper, develop an image, print plates and dry the prints. Instructor will demonstrate a variety of methods and will guide students through the work process. Drawing skills are a plus, but not required.

Fall 2016 : Workshop : Vitreous Enamel Demonstration: Janly Jaggard

Janly Jaggard and BSSS invite you to visit an open studio demo of vitreous enamel techniques. During this time Janly will be working on copper panels with powdered glass to create permanent images as wall work. She will demonstrate process, technique and possibility of this exciting medium, while discussing opportunities for anyone to take classes and have access to kilns once a level of proficiency has been reached. Come and see this enticing medium at work. No registration required.

Fall 2016 : Workshop : Have It Your Way!: Karen Blair

This workshop will feature two demonstrations of painting the same subject matter: one will explore a traditional approach through observation and the other will use abstraction to codify and distill the subject. Each participant will then be encouraged to paint an image two or three times to explore the many valid ways of resolving a painting. Instructor will provide individual assistance and guidance. Sunday will include a group gathering to discuss work in progress and long term goals. Open to painters with some prior experience painting using oil or acrylics.

Fall 2016 : Workshop : Ceramic Sculpture Workshop: Janly Jaggard

This workshop will focus on techniques for hand building sculptural form using slabwork, coiling and additive/subtractive modeling. The first 3 days will focus on design and building and the 4th day will be used for post firing surface treatments. Participants will explore 3D design and problem solving, working from initial drawn designs to build sculpture. Form is the primary consideration of sculpture, while dealing with the versatility and limitations of clay, but attention will also be given to surface texture and color.

Fall 2016 : Class : Start or Grow: Beginner and Intermediate Drawing and Painting Session II: Janly Jaggard

If you have always wanted to draw or paint but never had the time or courage – the time is now! Janly is an experienced instructor who will show you the ropes, open doors and help you learn how to see and render the real world. If you are in the intermediate phase of working but want to develop personal style, Janly will guide you without imposing her style on you. Beginners will draw from observation and work towards painting if they wish. All students work with their medium of choice.

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