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Spring 2018 : Class : Evening Oil and Acrylic Painting for Beginners : Elizabeth Geiger

If you are new to oil or acrylic painting or want a refresher for your studio practice, come and join us as we tackle basic issues of painting such as tone, composition and color. We will begin by working in black and white to get a handle on the tonal structure of our subjects and continue with paintings in a limited palette of colors. The rest of the class will be spent working on paintings from a large still life set up. Students will gain skills, build confidence and have fun.

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Give Life and Energy to Floral Watercolor: Paige Smith-Wyatt

Learn more about using the unique qualities of transparent watercolors to paint flowers so the depictions have a greater sense of light and life. Paige will show you how to use photographic references by demonstrating and working with you one-on-one. Concepts of art and design will be discussed, and Paige will encourage you to follow your own unique path to completing paintings, with the goal of instilling enthusiasm and confidence.

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Watercolor Meditations: Paige Smith-Wyatt

Watercolor is the perfect painting medium to help you maintain a healthy well-being and balance. It flows freely, mingles colors together, and becomes your partner in a creative exploration. Paige will teach you how to use watercolor painting for self-care and well-being. She will also help you find ways to relieve stress and prevent burn-out, and Paige will reveal how she used watercolor for meditation in small watercolor doodles and large completed works of art. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice with the techniques presented, you will learn how to use watercolor as meditation and ways to incorporate this into your daily life. No prior experience with watercolor painting required.

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Developing Figurative Compositions: LINCOLN PERRY

Gain insight into the process of drawing and painting posed models and then using those studies to develop studio paintings. Lincoln is one of the most distinguished painters in the country today and he recently moved to Staunton! This is his first workshop at BSSS during which he will share his experiences and perceptions. Don’t miss this special opportunity!

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Color and Paint Application: Nancy Tankersley

Understanding color is easier than you think when you use a limited palette and learn to mix your color properly. Paint application involves more than putting paint on your brush and scrubbing it into the canvas. Nancy will show you many ways to get the effect you want by making smart color choices, broadening your range of color combinations, controlling your paint application, and “sculpting” your paint surface with brushes and other tools. Workshop open to oil and acrylic painters.

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Experimenting With Cold Wax Medium: Priscilla Long Whitlock

Would you like to explore a new method to expand your oil painting vocabulary? Cold wax has been used for centuries and easily mixes with oils. The combination can be layered on a prepared hard surface, added, scraped off, reduced, scratched and layered again as the painting undergoes visual changes with each layer. Priscilla will introduce you to all of the materials and guide you through the process. Your paintings can either be purely nonobjective or derived from natural imagery, and you will likely complete one or two small paintings.

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Clarifying the Stages of Figure Painting: DARREN KINGSLEY

Capturing the likeness, gesture, anatomy, and personality of a live model can be a great challenge, but Darren Kingsley will take you through the stages of figure painting he learned from several masters, including Nelson Shanks and the instructors of Atelier Lack. You will study the figure in ways which will allow you to translate a threedimensional reality into a twodimensional painting that conveys the fullest possible sculptural form. You will focus on painting the figure with a complete range of values and develop the ability to make accurate, relative value calibrations. You will execute all the concepts Darren explains through an application of opaque and semi-opaque oil paint in the light and shadow areas. This workshop is a special opportunity for artists interested in figure and portrait painting.

Spring 2018 : Class : Theory and Practice of Drawing and Painting: Ron Boehmer

Course emphasis is on personal development of skills; understanding of both specific and universal concepts related to painting and to art; further development of technical command of paint. Instruction includes focus on representational, abstract, and expressionistic modalities of painting. Class will meet outdoors when possible to focus on plein air painting processes. Students may work in any painting or drawing medium. Ideal for intermediate and advanced level students. Course is open to “beginners” upon prior approval of the instructor. Beginners must contact Ron at 434-528-4795 before enrolling to discuss the class and obtain a personal supply list.

Spring 2018 : Class : Art as Exploration: Critique Class: Robert Stuart

Bring your work in any media for constructive review. The goal is growth as an artist through a deepening discernment of strengths and challenges in one’s work. Artistic development will also be supported with the study of current art exhibitions and topics in contemporary art. Exhibition catalogs, articles on art, and pertinent visual material will be presented and discussed at the beginning of class. The remaining time will be equally divided among participants to present and discuss their work.

Spring 2018 : Workshop : Expressive and Fun Watercolors: KEN KARLIC

Ken Karlic paints with a sense of urgency and passion that is more about capturing the essence of subjects than the specifics of the location. In this workshop, Ken will review what he feels are the most important steps in watercolors, in order of importance: design, drawing, and painting. With a strong design and solid drawing, he will introduce you to an entirely different approach to watercolor, one that celebrates spontaneity, exploration, and risk taking. “No two paintings should develop in the same way,” he says. “I’ll help you respond to each image as it is taking shape, allowing and even inviting surprises, as marks, scratches, drips, and splatters all become part of the final piece.”

Spring 2018 : Class : Indirect Painting: Jeffery Stockberger

Explore the concept of indirect painting: developing an image and resolving problems through multiple layers of paint. Working from still life, you will concentrate on developing a painting’s composition and color palette by responding to and building on marks made on the canvas. Through group and individual critiques, you will work on establishing good oil painting habits and techniques. You may work in other painting materials with the permission of instructor.

Spring 2018 : Class : Beginner and Intermediate Drawing and Painting: Janly Jaggard

Do you want to learn to draw or paint and never had the time or courage? This beginner and intermediate class will guide you through the process of learning to see through an artist’s eye. You will be shown how to work from direct observation as you experience drawing processes that lead you forward towards painting in the medium of your choice. If you have experience but know there is more to learn, Janly will help you continue to improve your technical skills as you begin to develop your personal style.

Spring 2018 : Class : Watercolor Creativity Booster Course: Peg Sheridan

Do your watercolor paintings need something more? Join Peg in this new course designed to give your creative journey a jumpstart. Peg will demonstrate fresh new ways to start a painting, to save paintings you thought were lost, and to bring paintings to a higher level of finish. She will show you how to use products to enhance or correct your paintings such as watercolor mediums, gouache, and acrylics. She will also show you ways to work on different types of paper. As always, Peg will emphasize planning through design, value sketches, and color palettes. Some watercolor mediums provided.

Winter 2018 : Workshop : Travel Sketching Workshop: Cleveland Morris

Next time you are on vacation and are struck by a sight you’d like to record, don’t snap a photo, reach for your sketchbook instead! This one-day workshop will get you started. You’ll learn how a minimum of time and equipment can actually work to your advantage. Using a technique devised by the instructor and featured in recent issue of Drawing, you will see how you can start capturing such varied possibilities as scenery and architecture, activity and commotion, fellow travelers and interesting faces and figures. Most of all, you’ll see how travel sketching – far from simply recording your trip – can become a treasured component instead.

Winter 2018 : Workshop : Art and Culture of Japan: Introduction to the Edo Period: Misa Kobayashi Stuart

What were the historical and cultural developments that resulted in the late 18th and 19th century Ukiyo-e woodblock prints we admire so much? Misa, a native of Nara, Japan, will take us on a journey and reveal the sources of images that fascinated and inspired painters during the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist periods of Western art history. It was during the Edo Period (1603-1868) that a distinctive Japanese art and culture took shape as evidenced by those Ukiyo-e prints as well as screen paintings and Kabuki theater. In this workshop, you will examine the rich cultural history and society of the Edo period. Simple Japanese food sampling included.

Winter 2018 : Workshop : Alla Prima Painting: Focus on Flowers: Al Gury

The alla prima or direct painting method seeks to capture an image in one painting session – perfect for recording the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers. Painters are encouraged (but not required) to bring fresh garden flowers to create still life arrangements in the studio. Lectures, critiques, demonstrations and plenty of painting time will help participants weigh aesthetic choices and compositional ideas. There will be opportunities to ask and answer questions regarding painting in general, and alla prima painting in particular. Oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel artists welcome. Al is author of Alla Prima: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Direct Painting.

Winter 2018 : Workshop : Understanding and Enjoying Art: Al Gury

How do methods, materials, and styles of art influence what artists do and the choices they make? This evening survey will provide a useful approach to art history – the how and why of art, both past and present. Al has many years of experience as an artist and professor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Bring your art questions, no matter how simple or complex, and join us for a lively conversation about art and culture with an emphasis on color mixing. Al’s palette set will accompany the slide lecture to help illustrate color mixing and resolve issues you may be experiencing in your own practice. Enjoy an evening in the studio, no art experience required.

Winter 2018 : Workshop : Bigger and Better Landscape Painting: LYNN MEHTA

Lynn won the top awards in the 2016 BSSS plein air festival with her expressive, gestured oil paintings that were singled out by judge Nan Covert for their exceptional qualities. Now you have an opportunity to study with Lynn and gain insight into ways you can develop better composition, more expressive paintings, and bigger statements in your landscape paintings. “I will help people key in on their inspiration and be expressive while following the elements of good design and composition,” says Lynn of her course.

Winter 2018 : Workshop : Enameling for Painters: Janly Jaggard

This workshop will allow you to discover what happens when you fuse powdered glass to copper at 1500F. You will resource your knowledge about aesthetics to create images as you add layers of color, both transparent and opaque, using various methods. Janly uses vitreous enamel to make wall work as painting. She is excited, intrigued, and informed by materiality and by the enameling methods she uses that feed back to her work on canvas. Most materials such as enamels and tools are provided and included in tuition. Copper provided and sold at cost price directly to artists by Janly: limited to five students.

Winter 2018 : Class : Italian for Travelers: Marsha Fuller

In preparation for BSSS’ travel study trip to Naples this spring, language instructor Marsha Fuller will be teaching Italian for Travelers, a class designed to provide a foundation for your next Italian adventure. For travelers and armchair travelers alike, no language experience is necessary. Class size will be limited to 10 participants. Marsha has lived and studied in Italy at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and at the Università degli Studi di Siena. She has completed Ph.D. level graduate course work in Italian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and taught language classes at both UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University.  

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