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Summer 2017 : Workshop : Understanding and Enjoying Art: Al Gury

How do methods, materials and styles of art influence what artists do and the choices they make? This one day survey will provide a useful approach to art history – the How and Why of art, both past and present. Al has many years of experience as an artist and professor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Bring your art questions, no matter how simple or complex, and join us for a lively conversation about art and culture! Slide lecture, Al’s art examples and discussion will provide an enjoyable morning in the studio. No art experience required.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Alla Prima Painting: Focus on Flowers: Al Gury

The alla prima or direct painting method seeks to capture an image in one painting session – perfect for recording the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers. Painters are encouraged (but not required) to bring fresh garden flowers to create still life arrangements in the studio. Lectures, critiques, demonstrations and plenty of painting time will help participants weigh aesthetic choices and compositional ideas. There will be opportunities to ask and answer questions regarding painting in general, and alla prima painting in particular. Oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel artists welcome. Al is author of Alla Prima: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Direct Painting.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Sculpt and Draw the Portrait: Elise Schweitzer

This workshop will focus on one of the most intriguing subjects in representational art: the portrait. Through a combination of drawing and sculpting exercises, we will explore the planes of the face and the expressive possibilities of our features while mastering the inner anatomical structure of the human head. A small hand held sculpture will be created in clay, and drawing exercises will reinforce learning. There will be a live portrait model each afternoon. Demos and lots of individual attention will be provided.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Essentials for Plein Air Painting: Stewart White

An architectural illustrator and plein air painter who is an experienced practitioner of watercolor, oil and acrylic, Stewart is President of the Mid-Atlantic Plein-Air Painters Association and has much to share about plein air painting materials and methods. Stewart will demonstrate techniques and speak about the strengths and weaknesses of various materials. Students will then “put it all together” while painting in nature. Printed handouts will include content information, bibliography and helpful resources. For oil, acrylic or watercolor painters.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Exploring Vitreous Enamel on Copper: Janly Jaggard

Using powdered glass fused onto sheet copper at very high temperatures in a kiln, you will see how color, pattern and surface can be created using this very exciting technique. Each color is a separate firing but only takes a minute. There will be step by step instructions and lots of color choices as you build up colors and pattern to complete your work. At the end of the class you will have created a small piece of enamel to take home with you. Only six seats available for this one day workshop. All enamel materials and first piece of copper are provided. Additional copper available for purchase at cost. A small number of basic art supplies will be required.

Summer 2017 : Class : Oil and Acrylic Painting for Beginners: Elizabeth Geiger

If you are new to oil or acrylic painting or want a refresher for your studio practice, come and join us as we tackle basic issues of painting such as tone, composition and color. We will begin by working in black and white to get a handle on the tonal structure of our subjects and continue with paintings in a limited palette of colors. Class periods will consist of a short consideration of homework followed by a discussion of basic painting issues with examples. The rest of the class will be spent working on paintings from a large still life set up. Students will gain skills, build confidence and have fun.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Composition with Light and Shadow: Plein Air: David Diaz

This workshop is for students who wish to renew, refresh or enhance their painting skills, regardless of painting media. Participants will create images through direct observation-and if possible plein air (determined by weather). There will be a color palette discussion and a painting demonstration each morning with Q&A and student modeling of concepts. During the afternoon, students will paint outside with ongoing one-on-one critique and direction as needed. Students will use reference material as well as onsite information to create a painting each day. Sunday will have time at the end of the day for group critique and possible directions.

Summer 2017 : Class : Painting from Life in Watercolor: Peg Sheridan

Painting from life can increase your mind-to-brush dexterity, sharpen your observational skills, clarify your visual memory, and improve your drawing and painting skills. You’ll find painting directly from life to be a very enjoyable way of responding to what you. The course will focus on learning to see colors, shapes, and values, and translating them to the painting. You will quickly see improvements in your work. Subject matter will vary, including some painting outdoors. Peg will offer students detailed critiques and one-on-one help.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : The Joy of Painting Koi in Watercolor: Robin Poteet

The fluid nature of watercolor is perfect for painting fish and underwater scenes. Robin will guide you through the process where very little drawing is needed and splashing on paint is encouraged in this saturated wet-into-wet technique! Students will watch their koi gradually “appear” as they lift out their background colors. Robin provides koi reference photos and backboards (student supply list provided upon registration). Day two, students will use a similar technique to paint tropical fish, sea turtles, or other underwater creatures from magazines or online references they bring to the class. This workshop is a great way to loosen up and explore the magical qualities of watercolor. Suitable for anyone with basic watercolor understanding and beyond.

Summer 2017 : Class : Introduction to Printmaking: Monotypes and Linocuts: Elizabeth J. Peak

Liz will introduce two non-toxic methods of printmaking which can be used in your home or studio. Students will make at least one linoleum block print and a series of watercolor monotypes. Monotypes allow for a first image, then with remaining ink/paint on the plate the artist can develop and revise, redraw or change colors, while keeping in mind the original idea for a second print. Linoleum blocks will be begun in the studio and worked on at home in between class. Both techniques are great ways to make prints and to learn about the basic processes of image making. The class is open to complete beginners or accomplished printmakers who wish to expand their way of working.

Summer 2017 : Class : Invitation to Drawing: Cleveland Morris

Learning to draw is exciting, challenging, and just plain fun. You are invited to give it a try, even if you have no previous drawing experience or your skills are rusty from neglect. We will provide a relaxed, non-threatening studio atmosphere in which to explore the fundamental principles of drawing. We will discover how all art begins with observation, and observation is best achieved with a pencil in your hand. An understanding of line, shade, and perspective not only enables you to start making proficient drawings, it will also allow you to see the world around you as you’ve never seen it before. Quite simply, the world is a more interesting place when you start to draw!

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing Techniques: Sarah Lock

Instruction will focus on the concepts and skills required to design and work in metals. Techniques covered include hard soldering with a torch, simple chain making, metal forming, sawing, cutting, chasing, stamping, and finishing. With the instructor’s guidance, students will use jeweler’s saws, pliers, hammers, stakes, files, and polishing wheels, to create wearable sculpture (jewelry items), or small free-standing compositions. All tools and materials are provided, including brass and copper sheet wire. Silver and semi-precious stones will be available for purchase at cost. Students may bring their own stones or other materials to use in their designs.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : A Brief Intro to Drawing: Janly Jaggard

If you are likely to say “I can’t even draw a stick figure” but wish you could, why not take this short class and discover that you really can draw? Over two evenings Janly will help you find out how to use charcoal drawing sticks to draw objects from direct observation. Your efforts will bring great reward as you learn about form and tonal value. All materials provided.

Summer 2017 : Class : Developing a New Project: Suggestions and Support for Artists: Robert Stuart

Sometimes starting a new project in the studio can be a lonely task. This class is aimed at helping working artists and students develop ideas and resources for their work, provide encouragement and feedback as the work progresses, and helpful comments and suggestions for ways to continue the work ahead. At the first session participants will introduce themselves with visual material: samples of their artwork, reproductions of other artists’ work, and any material that inspires them and may show their aspirations. A project plan will be developed. The second session will be an opportunity to report on progress, consider issues that have arisen in the work and find resources to support the study. Presentations of completed work will be the focus of the third session.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Art & Culture of Japan: Touring Kyoto: Misa Kobayashi Stuart

Kyoto is the most visited city in Japan because of its rich cultural heritage. There are approximately 1700 temples, and 800 shrines. Among them, 17 are designated World Heritage Sites. In this presentation we’ll “visit” not only the most famous sites with wall paintings, sculptures and gardens, but also some hidden gems. Misa, a native of Japan, will guide participants around Kyoto through visual presentation with practical travel tips.

Summer 2017 : Workshop : Color: Control and Expression: Jeffery Stockberger

As painters, color is one of our most powerful tools. How can we best take advantage of color and all it has to offer? In this workshop we will explore the many qualities of color, the ways that artists throughout history have utilized color and the methodology to unlock its expressive potential. Through demonstrations and exercises we will explore the concept of creating space and atmosphere and learn to use the color wheel to gain palette control. To better understand the tools we will discuss different pigments, mediums and mixing techniques. This workshop is geared toward painters working in oil though all disciplines are welcome. Open to all skill levels.

Winter and Spring 2017 : Workshop : Developing Your “Color GPS”: Frank Hobbs

Rich, luminous, vibrating color is a quality shared by great perceptual painters such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, Isaac Levitan and others, past and present. Their secret: an unshakeable sense of orientation in the value scale. Like the GPS units many of us use in our cars, these painters navigate color space with an infallible sense of direction. In this workshop we will work outdoors from the local landscape and in the studio to investigate the powerful link between tonal values and the universe of color. Whatever your experience level, this workshop will provide keys to developing a richer, more varied color palette while addressing the fundamentals of luminosity, volume and space in landscape painting. All fine art media accepted.

Winter and Spring 2017 : Workshop : Watercolor Along the Garden Path: Paige Smith-Wyatt

Enjoy a stress-free approach to watercolor and learn to utilize the unique qualities of this medium to create vibrant, expressive florals. Workshop will include demonstrations and significant one-on-one instruction. Discussion will cover photographic references and how to use them to give life and energy to the subject. While concepts of art and design such as color theory and composition will be discussed, Paige encourages each student to follow their own unique path to completing paintings, with the goal of instilling enthusiasm and confidence in the student. Depending upon student interest, Paige will also demonstrate her technique of waxing a painting and mounting it onto a wood panel for a modern presentation.

Winter and Spring 2017 : Class : Working with the Figure: Drawing and Painting: Jeffery Stockberger

Throughout history, the human figure has been one of Art’s most enduring and challenging subjects. This class will focus on expressing the figure through drawing and painting from the live model. We will look at the masters both old and new, discuss color, composition and the creation of a pictorial space for the figure to exist. We will work through some of the challenges this essential subject presents through group and individual instruction. Participants are welcome to work in their chosen medium; a basic suggested supply list will be provided.

Winter and Spring 2017 : Class : Start or Grow: Beginner and Intermediate Drawing and Painting – Second Session: Janly Jaggard

If you have always wanted to draw or paint but never had the time or courage – the time is now! Janly is an experienced instructor who will show you the ropes, open doors and help you learn how to see and render the real world. If you are in the intermediate phase of working but want to develop personal style, Janly will guide you without imposing her style on you. Beginners will draw from observation and work towards painting if they wish. All students work with their medium of choice.

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