What BSSS students have to say….

“In addition to growing as an artist, you are able to do so in a convivial environment made up of talented and congenial fellow students.” – Class Participant, 2017


“BSSS came into my life at a crucial time. I had graduated from Art School many years before, my children were grown and I had time to devote to the interest I had always had. Coming to classes and workshops at BSSS gave me the guidance I needed. Because of BSSS, I found the friends interested in the arts that I craved. It provided a center for my artistic life and gave me the confidence to go forward in personal pursuits.” – Julie Farrell, BSSS Member


“The Beverley Street Studio School from the start through today has been a source of continuing inspiration to me in the pursuit and enjoyment of art and painting. No better proof exists of its value to me than the fact that 25 years later I am still taking classes and still learning.” – William C. Flournoy, BSSS Member


“My instructors were high quality. They, and their work, demanded respect. Instruction was not incidental, but the result of hard-won experience and their desire to see each student develop into their own best self, not a clone of their teacher. Each gave me a different perspective and additional tools with which to work. BSSS altered my vision and enabled my direction. The school ‘grew me,’ not just by expanding my knowledge but by expanding my expectation of what is possible. The instructors taught me to seek and thankfully I am still looking” – Kaye Lipscomb, BSSS Member


“As Rosalie Day White (BSSS co-founder and regular instructor) said, ‘Why are you a lawyer? It’s obvious that you always wanted to be a painter.’ BSSS allowed me to be what I had, in fact, wanted to be as a child, following my mother who was a painter, and provided the mentor to make it possible.” – David McCaskey, BSSS Member


“I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without BSSS. In 1993 I was discontented sign-painter running a busy but unfulfilling business. A friend gave me the phone number for the brand-new Beverley Street Studio School, and I called and signed up for a Saturday morning class with Ryan Russell and began the rest of my life – a truly fulfilling one as a professional landscape painter. BSSS, and particularly Ron Boehmer, nurtured my observational skills, love of nature, workmanship and joyous creativity. I am who I am and do what I do now because of BSSS” – Elizabeth Sauder, BSSS Member


“Continual involvement in BSSS since the mid-nineties has been vital to my growth as a painter. Access to stimulating classes and workshops with respected artists has sparked desire for lifelong learning, encouraged continued growth and enriched my life. The emotional and inspirational benefit I receive from my host of artist colleagues cannot be diminished. BSSS is Staunton’s own JSS in Civita.” – Debra Sheffer, BSSS Member


“Beverley Street Studio School was my salvation as an artist. When I started taking classes in the mid-nineties, I lacked direction, confidence and most of all, joy, in my work. Frank Hobbs and Ron Boehmer shared their knowledge as painters and I will always be grateful for that experience. Later, as an instructor at BSSS, I found myself quoting them every day and understanding the joy of teaching and sharing the love of painting with my students.” – Audrey Watson, BSSS Instructor


“At BSSS I met a community of talented and supportive artists who believe in one another and have discovered the power of painting through observation. Thank you, BSSS!” – Priscilla Whitlock, BSSS Member


“Being connected to BSSS has been the impetus for me to ‘keep at it–to keep painting.’ Having access to this professional instruction, which would not be otherwise available, is the key to personal progress. Every instructor has something different to offer and I really look forward to each class. A side benefit has been meeting a friendly group of like-minded people.” – Evelyn Young, BSSS Member


“My life-long love of art came to fruition when I met a group of central Virginia plein air painters through a friend at Beverley Street Studio School. Since then, I have spent my free time working on paintings from life. While I got my formal training at Beverley Street Studio School, I have found the practice of painting frequently, often with the fellowship of like-minded artists, has enabled me to become more comfortable with the medium and approach.” Jenny Abrams, BSSS Member


“The BSSS offers exactly what I need – courses taught by academically trained professionals in an atmosphere that allowed those of us who felt vulnerable to discover whether we wanted to seriously pursue art. I am currently enrolled in my fourth class/workshop at BSSS. These classes have included men and women, from all over the Valley and ranging in age from 11 to 70+ years. My husband has also taken a workshop to learn about new techniques. We consider BSSS to be an invaluable resource for ourselves and the community; not only because of the classes/workshops, but also because of the travel study program, the gallery and exhibits, as well as the opportunities to talk about art with instructors and artists.” – Asterie Provenzo, BSSS Member


“BSSS is truly a beneficial addition to the community and to each artist who participates in the unique and diverse  programs. There are very few organizations that can compare to BSSS.” – Barbara Wachter, BSSS Member


“In the past three years, I have taken two BSSS drawing classes taught by a local artist. Techniques covered in the six-week courses were very clearly presented and demonstrated; our work was critiqued thoughtfully and gently (important for those of us with bad memories of childhood artistic attempts). The same instructor has also led travel sketching workshops to show us how to use a minimum amount of supplies and return home with unique memories. Learning some of the rudiments of drawing has enabled me to see so much more in art displayed in museums, as well as giving me a new perspective on what I see in the world around me.” – Judith C. Wiegand, BSSS Member