“Continual involvement in BSSS since the mid ‘90s has been vital to my growth as a painter. Access to stimulating classes and workshops with respected artists has sparked desire for lifelong learning, encouraged continued growth and enriched my life. The emotional and inspirational benefit I receive from my host of artist colleagues cannot be diminished. BSSS is Staunton’s own JSS in Civita.”

– Debra Sheffer, BSSS Member

Sponsorship Opportunity – Gallery:

The BSSS Gallery is supported in part by exhibition sponsors. If you or your business would like to support the BSSS Gallery, we would be happy to discuss upcoming exhibits and artists with you! CLICK HERE to view all levels of sponsorship and promotional opportunity. We work hard to promote our sponsors in promotional material, through online resources, and during exhibit events.

Sponsorship Opportunity – Radio Advertising:

Contact NPR directly to designate a Day Sponsorship ($250 or more) on behalf of Beverley Street Studio School. For amounts less than $250 dollars, please send your designated gift to BSSS and we will fund a Day Sponsorship with pooled donations. Thank you for helping us spread the word about our School!