Conversations About Art

“At BSSS I met a community of talented and supportive artists who believed in one another and discovered the power of painting through observation. Thank you BSSS!”

– Pricilla Whitlock, BSSS Member

Area professionals from a wide range of art-related fields are invited to discuss and share their work and expertise. Held on Mondays from 12:30-1:30pm in the BSSS Gallery located at 22 West Beverley Street in Staunton, these talks are free and open to the public. Beverages and cookies are provided. Bring a bag lunch, invite a friend and join in these lively discussions about art.


As you may know, the viability and success of our community programs depends entirely on volunteers.  As a non-profit organization, BSSS is beyond thankful for everything that our dedicated group of volunteers are doing in and for the School.  At this time, Conversations About Art is looking for a new coordinator.  If you would like to volunteer in this capacity, or in any capacity around the School, please reach out to director Jillian Sanders via e-mail or via the office phone (540) 886 – 8636.

Beverley Street Studio School would like to also thank Mary Echols, Sue Rosen and Sondra Shaner for their years of dedicated service and the countless hours they have given to the community by coordinating and continuing these programs.