Theory and Practice of Drawing and Painting

Ron Boehmer

Beginner-Advanced; Location: VanDerVeer and Echols Studios and TBA
9 Classes: September 12-November 14 (no class October 31); Wednesdays Full: 9:30am-3pm; Half: 9:30am-1:00pm
TUITION: Members: Full: $430; Half: $330; Non-members: Full: $460; Half: $360

Course emphasis is on personal development of skills; understanding of both specific and universal concepts related to painting and to art; further development of technical command of paint. Instruction includes focus on representational, abstract, and expressionistic modalities of painting. Class will meet outdoors when possible to focus on plein air painting processes. Students may work in any painting or drawing medium. Ideal for intermediate and advanced level students. Course is open to “beginners” upon prior approval of the instructor. Beginners must contact Ron at 434-528-4795 before enrolling to discuss the class and obtain a personal supply list.