Still Life Painting, Bauhaus and Beyond

Elise Schweitzer

New Workshop

Intermediate/Advanced; Location: VanDerVeer Studio

Saturday & Sunday November 4-5; 10am-4pm (1 hr lunch breaks)

TUITION: Members: $151; Non-members: $181

Color theory is a powerful tool for painters, but the “logic” of theory can be very mysterious. In this workshop, you will get to the bottom of the most familiar color theory from the German Bauhaus school of art. You’ll explore this system of wheels and scales by recreating classic color charts in paint. Then you will apply the ideas to a two-day Bauhaus themed still-life painting. Along with these studio projects, you will explore how the social and political world of Germany in the interwar years inspired these foundational ideas about color. The workshop will involve painting from the still-life arrangements, looking at fantastic images of Bauhaus art, and having lively discussion.