Short & Long Pose Portrait Painting


New Workshop
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Beginner-Advanced:  Location: Echols

3-day Option: May 16-18; 9:30am-4pm (½ hour lunch)

2-day Option: May 16 & 17; 9:30am-4pm (½ hour lunch)

TUITION (includes model fee): Members: $236/$205    Non-Members: $266/$235

Capturing the likeness, gesture, anatomy, and personality of a live model depends largely on the accuracy of the initial marks on a canvas. If those aren’t right, the finished painting won’t be right and no amount of detailing will correct those flaws. In this workshop, Darren Kingsley will focus on that initial definition of the model through a paintings. You will study the portrait in ways which will allow you to translate a three-dimensional reality into a two-dimensional painting that conveys the fullest possible sculptural form. From there you can build paintings that have a complete range of colors as well as accurate, relative value calibrations. You will execute all the concepts Darren explains through an application of opaque and semi-opaque oil paint in the light and shadow areas. This workshop is a special opportunity for artists interested in figure and portrait painting.  For those opting to take the 3 day course, please know that the model will be the same on Sunday and Monday to allow for time to finish a long pose (for those who take the 3 day and do not wish to complete a long pose, you will be allowed to move your easel and begin another short pose from a different angle).