Prints with Freezer Paper and Collage

Karen Rosasco

New Workshop

Beginner-Advanced; Location: VanDerVeer Studio

Saturday November 18, 10:30am-4:30pm (1/2 hr lunch break)

TUITION: Members: $88 Non-members: $118

Join Karen Rosasco for a one-day workshop creating unique “prints” using acrylic paint transferred from freezer paper. This is a simple, easy, and creative way of exploring materials. No previous experience required. The subject matter, style, and final presentation of the monotypes will be open to your preferences. You will first draw a design on the dull side of the freezer paper, then “ink” with acrylics on the glossy side of the freezer paper, and finally transfer the painted acrylics onto blank sheets of paper or sheets already covered with collage or paint. The magic happens when the freezer paper is pulled back! Demonstrations and one-on-one guidance will be provided.

“Karen is able to help individuals solve problems wherever they are on their art journey.”

– Class Participant, 2017