Painting Interiors from Observation at BSSS (In-Person)

Laura Vahlberg

Level: Beginners to Intermediate
Saturday November 6th: 10am-4pm  - (½ hour lunch break)
Sunday November 7th: 1-4pm
Location: BSSS Studios
TUITION: $ 130 for members and $160 for non members

If you look at a white wall in a dark room, is the color really white? In this weekend workshop we will talk about how to mix nameless colors (like a white wall in a dark room).  In doing this we will also discuss value, temperature and hue and how they can work together to create a feeling like reality. For inspiration we will look at images from art history and to Charles Hawthorne’s revelatory book “Hawthorne on Painting.”

In addition to color mixing there will be a strong focus on composition. How does an artist assemble shapes and colors on a picture plane in a way that immediately intrigues the eye? We will practice techniques that can help to strengthen the artist’s compositional eye and then address how to tie together observation and abstraction.