Painting Dynamic Interiors: Capturing Light, Energy, & Atmosphere

Martin Geiger

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Beginner-Advanced:  Location: Van Der Veer Studio & Beyond

November  9&10; 10am - 3:30pm  (½ hour lunch)

TUITION: Members: $149  Non-Members: $179

Join BSSS instructor Martin Geiger as you venture into the halls of our very own building to capture the moment and tackle the quickly changing light and movement!   Martin will teach you how to “pay attention” to the finer details while not ignoring the bigger picture to make sure that you are able to work both from life and your sketches and memory.  You will leave this two-day workshop feeling confident in both on-location and studio paintings of interior spaces to greatly expand your portfolio.  This is one that you do not want to miss!

Martin Geiger Workshop