Loosen Up! – One Day Option

Shawn Dell Joyce

New Workshop New Faculty

Beginner-Advanced; Location: VanDerVeer Studio
Saturday, September 22; 10:00am-4:30pm (1/2 hr lunch break)
TUITION: Members: $120; non-member $150

One-day option students will participate in the first day of a two-day workshop taught by visiting New York-based artist, Shawn Dell Joyce. Description of full workshop below:

This workshop will help you simplify values and shapes in order to make quick, loose studies using a limited palette of 5 colors. You’ll also explore using warm and cool versions of complementary pairs to make juicy color studies, and you’ll finish a painting in 45-minutes that is gestural and colorful. Shawn will familiarize you with color theory and painting techniques through exercises to help you become freer and more expressive. This workshop is sponsored in part by Ampersand Pastelboard and all participants will be given free samples to use in class. This Workshop is for students of all levels; from beginner to aficionado and is open to pastel, acrylic, oil, and watercolor artists. Additional materials list will be provided upon registration. www.shawndelljoyce.com