Landscape Painting in the Studio

Karen Blair

New Workshop

Intermediate/Advanced; Location: VanDerVeer Studio
Saturday February 11; 10am-4pm & Sunday February 12; 10am-2pm (1/2 hr lunch break) (snow date February 18-19)
TUITION: Members: $137; Non-members: $167

Wind, fog, heat and even birdsong can find a way into paintings. When it is too cold to paint outside artists can use photo references, drawings and memory to create powerful studio paintings using oil, acrylic, colored pencils, oil pastels and oil sticks. Atmospheric effects in a landscape can be enhanced by abstracting and distilling ideas into powerful reminders of a season or a mood. Karen will begin with a slide show of her own work and demonstrate with paint how to bring life to the landscape. Participants should bring photos from any season along with drawings and small paintings to use in this