Experimenting With Cold Wax Medium

Priscilla Long Whitlock

New Workshop

Beginner/Intermediate: Location: VanDerVeer Studio

Saturday, April 14; 9:30am-4pm (1/2 hr. lunch break)

TUITION: Members: $104; Nonmembers: $134 (includes a materials fee)

Would you like to explore a new method to expand your oil painting vocabulary? Cold wax has been used for centuries and easily mixes with oils. The combination can be layered on a prepared hard surface, added, scraped off, reduced, scratched and layered again as the painting undergoes visual changes with each layer. Priscilla will introduce you to all of the materials and guide you through the process. Your paintings can either be purely nonobjective or derived from natural imagery, and you will likely complete one or two small paintings. www.priscillalongwhitlock.com