Enameling for Painters

Janly Jaggard

Beginner-Advanced: Location: Deer Run Lane Studio, Staunton

Saturday & Sunday, February 17-18; 9:30am-3:30pm (1/2 hr. lunch break)

TUITION: Members: $193; Non-members: $223 (includes a materials fee)

This workshop will allow you to discover what happens when you fuse powdered glass to copper at 1500F. You will resource your knowledge about aesthetics to create images as you add layers of color, both transparent and opaque, using various methods. Janly uses vitreous enamel to make wall work as painting. She is excited, intrigued, and informed by materiality and by the enameling methods she uses that feed back to her work on canvas. Most materials such as enamels and tools are provided and included in tuition. Copper provided and sold at cost price directly to artists by Janly: limited to five students.