Chromatic Perspective & Mixology: Creating Harmonious Still Life Paintings

Aaron Thompson

New Workshop
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Beginner-Advanced:  Location: Echols

3-day Option: May 23, 24, 25; 9:30am-4pm (½ hour lunch)

2-day Option: May 23rd & 24th ; 9:30am-4pm (½ hour lunch)

TUITION: Members: $206/$176  Non-Members: $236/$206

This still-life painting workshop will offer you both theoretical and practical ways to apply and control color. Aaron will help you reduce a motif to flat, accurate shapes so it will be easier to discuss various principles of color such as temperature, chroma, and chromatic perspective. Designing still-life setups and identifying possible “found” motifs will be part of the discussion. Oil paint is the suggested medium but you can also work with acrylics. A materials list will be provided after registration.