Clarifying the Stages of Figure Painting


New Workshop New Faculty

Intermediate/Advanced: Location: VanDerVeer Studio

Saturday & Sunday, April 7-8; 9:30am-4pm (1/2 hr. lunch break)

TUITION: Members: $185; Nonmembers: $215

Capturing the likeness, gesture, anatomy, and personality of a live model can be a great challenge, but Darren Kingsley will take you through the stages of figure painting he learned from several masters, including Nelson Shanks and the instructors of Atelier Lack. You will study the figure in ways which will allow you to translate a threedimensional reality into a twodimensional painting that conveys the fullest possible sculptural form. You will focus on painting the figure with a complete range of values and develop the ability to make accurate, relative value calibrations. You will execute all the concepts Darren explains through an application of opaque and semi-opaque oil paint in the light and shadow areas. This workshop is a special opportunity for artists interested in figure and portrait painting.